Senior moving

Senior Movers


Moving is a challenging task for everyone and frequently more difficult for the senior population. We at Canadian Moving Services are here to help our elderly Edmonton-area friends move without the hassle, whether to a vacation home, retirement village, family or friend’s house, or simply an area with outstanding senior care. Our senior moving services are designed to accommodate the older population in every way, so moving day is no longer a dreaded day.

Relocation and More

We are pleased to offer Edmonton helpful services, including relocating, packing, and storage facility options. Perhaps you need to move certain belongings into a storage unit, or are looking to downsize by moving to a smaller apartment. Maybe you have an older parent or relative who wants to relocate and subsequently be closer to you and other family members. Senior relocation becomes a streamlined, seamless process when you work with our experienced, friendly team of bounded movers.

Why Canadian Moving Services?

Your Edmonton Senior Moving Company

Don’t make moving day any harder than it has to be. Count on our reliable team of moving professionals to provide the senior moving services you or an older family member need. We have moved houses and apartments of every size in addition to providing office relocation and other commercial moving services. We have ladies that can accompany with the downsizing, decluttering and they offer a comprehensive service. Contact us today to learn more about our senior moving services and how we can expedite your move. We look forward to showing you what we can do!

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